Bird in sterling silver


The silver bird pendant was inspired from a range of species and how all birds symbolise freedom, not only can they walk on land, swim in the sea but soar into the sky. they are mesmerizing to watch, when i created the piece two rainbow lorikeets jumped on the railing of my balcony demanding food. i offered them some apples to give me time to study them closely.
in a few days i hand sculpted the flying bird pendant, after completion they still returned to keep me company.

this beautiful lucky bird pendant reminds you to spread your wings and be free. making an ideal gift for him or her and brings a unique touch to any outfit.

the lorikeet necklace
* made of solid sterling silver.
* 50/60/70cm silver chain and sterling silver parrot lock.
* the bird necklace measures ​4.3cm x 4.6cm.
* hand sculpted & lost wax casted in sydney australia.
* filed, sanded and polished by hand.
* presented in a white gift box.
* $25 donated to Wires Wildlife Rescue.

$25 of the bird pendant sale will be donated to the Wires Wildlife Rescue Australia, who also assist animals affected by the fires in the NSW coastal region. your donation will help make a positive change to animals in need.

do you love this piece but prefer a different colour? see my bronze eagle jewelry necklace


Weight 0.02 g
Dimensions 4 × 4.5 × 1.3 cm


  1. Eve

    Love my bird necklace so much – the details in the sculpting are just amazing . I wear mine almost daily and love that the piece will only look better with age. A forever treasure

    • q

      thank you Eve !! so nice to hear !! must say they look fabulous on you, thank you for the photos ❤️❤️

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