Unbreakable heart cuff bracelet in sterling silver


Made to love you a lifetime

the silver heart bracelet is compassion and understanding, it is a symbol for love.

pure emotion and of course unbreakable love, created by hand, a true piece of art.
the beautiful unbreakable love bracelet is hand sculpted to create a unique one of a kind gift.
perfect as a friendship bracelet, valentines gift to your loved one or as a special treat for yourself.

in my younger years i practiced drawing the perfect shaped heart. creating this piece in the studio connected me to my childhood, aiming for a round and full form.
i loved every moment of play to produce this unique bracelet in true Liplivive style!

heart bangle
❤ $50 donated to Wires Wildlife Rescue
❤ made of 130 grams of solid sterling silver!
❤ hand sculpted & lost wax casted in sydney australia
❤ filed, sanded and polished by hand
❤ presented in a white gift box.

$50 of the large heart bracelet sale will be donated to the Wires Wildlife Rescue Australia, to help rescue native animals in distress. your donation of love will help make a positive change to animals in need.

the graceful handmade bracelet works with any outfit, perfect for the everyday or glammed up for any occasions.

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Weight 135 g
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 7 cm
ring size

size 6, size 7, size 8, size 9, size 10, size 11, size 12


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