Unbreakable heart sterling silver


The silver heart necklace would make a beautiful everyday necklace perfect as a birthday gift. the unbreakable symbolises the center of emotion, affection and love, especially romantic love, making an ideal valentines necklace. the simple heart pendant would compliment any outfit, adding a handmade charm to any outfit for any occasion. ​the hand sculpted heart is a unique piece of art that will be treasured for a lifetime.

Unbreakable heart charm necklace
❤​ the solid silver charm is made entirely of sterling silver
❤​ 50/60/70cm silver chain and sterling silver parrot lock.
❤​ the heart necklace measures roughly ​2cm x 2cm
❤ hand sculpted & lost wax casted in sydney australia
❤ Filed, sanded and polished by hand
❤ presented in a white gift box
❤ $25 donated to Wires Wildlife Rescue

I spent my childhood practicing drawing the perfect heart, aiming to create a round and full form. years later this was my inspiration starting this type of wax sculpted jewellery. this is the first piece of Liplivive !!! its really nice to hold it in yr hand, nice and solid and its unbreakable ..

to spread the love even more ​$25 of the silver 3D heart will be donated to the Wires Wild life Rescue Australia, to help rescue native animals in distress. your donation will help make a positive change to animals in need.

also available is the little unbreakable heart necklace and also in bronze


Weight 3 g
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 2 cm


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