Liplivivé jewellery is seen as authentic sculpture. it is original and traditionally crafted in Australia


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Quirine van Nispen grew up in the netherlands within a mixture of the old traditions of dutch nobility and the progressive freedom of the arts. for 10 years she worked in the costume department of the dutch film industry and now practice the arts in australia, in a beautiful place two minutes from the tasman sea and the illawarra escarpment forest, and happy her life is shared with some pretty special loving creatures.


Liplivivé is very thankful to have experienced the deep emotional connection people have from their purchase of this special gift. whether the reason is; from mother to daughters, for daughters to mum, wedding gift, friendship bonds male and female, Christmas and mother’s day. This gift is often that piece that they have been searching for. THANK YOU!

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“This piece is amazing!!! When I wear it I just feel more me if that makes sense. Actually a heightened version of me. Sharper. Clearer. Powerful. It’s like magic! It’s also so totally striking as a piece of jewellery. . I get comments every time I wear it! Thank you”
(Emma Saunders)

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The pieces are hand sculpted in wax by quirine, during the sculpting she connects with the animal/figure, and through this happy, playful rush of connection the object comes to life. after completing lost wax casting is done by a state of the art casting house in sydney. casted in solid sterling silver or solid bronze. on return each piece will receive an individual sculptural refining, filing, sanding and polishing treatment also by her own hands.

Liplivivé is always experimenting with natural polishes and cleaners, so we can reduce the harmful chemicals in the making process.


In my 20’s i realised i had stopped playing. growing up as a kid i could play for hours with something like a twig; that twig in my imagination could be anything… an endless source of creative freedom… i started looking for a word that would describe an adult still playing, playing in the now… and i could not find it, so i made up a new word ‘‘liplivivé”.
i made a ring and engraved Liplivivé on it, so i would not forget.

still today this is my mantra: to be aware in everything i do; to accept; to inspire; to love all and live in a playful loving state of creative freedom.

at piece that they have been searching for. THANK YOU!

Handmade Jewellery Process
Natural Jewellery Cleaning

We love our environment and care for it.

we aim to spread understanding and compassion for all that exists.

Jewellery Polishing Process