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captain our quality tester (:

Liplivivé terms and conditions includes that quality and subtlety of life is import to us, to give time for being fair, loving, caring, with result that we can provide a product that is created with these fine quality’s. this product is Australian and handcrafted, the casting is done with quality-ensured casting company; pure casting australia.

the jewellery  is all from solid metal and is strong and resilient. as they are handmade they will vary slightly in colour and pattern to those visible in the online store.

all items are made with care for our environment.


our pendants and chains are uncoated. sterling silver, brass and gold are naturally soft metals and react to perspiration, perfumes, oils, cosmetics and household chemicals what Liplivivé loves.
we only had one occasion the bronze chain stained a customers neck. be aware it is possible to leave a stain on your clothes to. skin is easily cleaned with soap and for fabrics please seek advice, with stronger fabrics in general the stain disappears with a soak in a water mix of salt and lemon or vinegar . please test on a small corner first to see if it does not interferes with the dye.

if you experience this you can regularly clean your necklace with the cleaning method described below in chapter PRECIOUS METALS/CLEANING

we will not be held responsible if staining occurs.

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Liplivivé does not issue refunds unless required by law.
exchanges can be made within 14 business days of receiving the goods.
we can exchange for other items or a credit note of the same value minus postage cost.

please follow these steps to exchange your item/s:

1 – the item/s may be returned to Liplivivé, if in its original condition. you’ll be emailed a credit voucher for the same value of the item/s being returned, valid for a year, that can be used online at liplivive.com
2 – returns can be made within 14 days of receiving the goods, and for overseas customers 30 days
3 – please note that we cannot offer exchanges on sale items. no exceptions
4 – please ask for the post address at the contact page
5 – when we have received the item/s we’ll email you the credit voucher
6 – if you have any questions please contact us using the contact page


goods will be shipped using australia post and normally sent within 2 business days.

we will advise our customers within two days if goods are not available and need to be made.
this usually takes 5 business days

shipping times:

standard domestic: 1 – 4 business days
standard international: 10 – 20 business day
for express post extra costs and communication are involved


all taxes and duties including customs and import taxes are the customer’s responsibilities and may be a government requirement of import. Liplivivé has no control over these and will not refund customers for any charges.


Liplivivé will not take responsibility for any breakages after the order has been delivered in good condition. we are not responsible for any delivery delays after the order has left our studio or due to any circumstances beyond our control.


Liplivivé is dedicated to keeping your details private.
any information we collect in relation to you is kept strictly secured.
we do not pass on/sell/swap any of your personal details with anyone.
we use this information to identify your orders, provide you with our newsletter and to personalise your shopping experience with us.


Liplivivé makes every effort to ensure that all of the transactions that occur on its website are secure by using paypall for all orders


if you have any questions or worries regarding your order please feel free to email us using the contact page.


all the casting is done and metal provided by quality and integrity ensured casting company here in sydney.
sterling silver, brass and gold are naturally soft metals and react to perspiration, perfumes, oils, cosmetics and household chemicals what we love.
our pendants are uncoated.

if tarnishing occurs on the jewels you don’t agree with; polish with a soft cloth or a jewellery cleaning cloth or clean it using this cleaning method ;

1. soak for 15 minutes the pendant in warm water with mild dishwash detergent and clean with a soft brush. and lay 
for a few hrs in a new warm bath with epsom salt and some lemon slices added,
    SILVER for around 15 minutes in a warm bath with baking soda and aluminum foil
    GOLD does not need an extra bath

3. rinse the pendant and brush again with the soft brush to wash it clean of the cleaning products used
4. the pendant will come out bright and clear.
5. dry the pendant and polish thoroughly with a soft cloth.
you will see it will shine like water again.

as bronze tarnishes quickly we would recommend to store the jewel back in the box, nice and dark.
or… leave it out and see how this time the tarnish will develop (:


our retail packaging is made from and/or recycled, organic, biodegradable material whenever possible. we are conscious to use minimal packing supplies and whenever possible. we reuse boxes and post packs.
mother nature is our inspiration. at Liplivivé takes responsibility for our environmental footprint and support environmentally sustainable initiatives.

amongst our community, family, friends and customers we encourage and initiate environmentally friendly action and we welcome informed and creative ideas about how we might further reduce our environmental footprint.

we also take our environmental responsibilities as a company very seriously, and have implemented policies to minimise waste of all types. we are constantly looking for ways to further reduce our impact on the environment.


because of the hand made nature of our products we are mindful when selecting new stockists, to ensure we can fulfil demand and expectations.
should you be interested in stocking Liplivivé. please contact us at the contact page with a link to your website and/or a little description about your business.

LOVE to hear from you.

liplivive terms and conditionsliplivive terms and conditions